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Portrait Photography

The images of today are your memories of tomorrow

Portrait Session Is Currently Free For You If You Are In Comilla

If we translated the words we would speak of Fine Arts Photography or Artistic Photography. It refers to the creative vision of the photographer, What I want is to capture the essence of your best moment and for this, I help myself by creating a timeless scene.

These 9 Types Portraits Are Popular Now

Traditional Portraits

Lifestyle Portraits

Environmental Portraits

Surreal Portraits

Self Portrait

Couple, Family & Group Portraits

Candid and Street Portraits

Fine Art Portraits

Conceptual Portraits

Free Session

I'm offering Portrait Photography for free which isn't for all time. If you book our free session you just need to share our site and social page to your social media timeline. Click Book Now for a call and your date will be fixed after discussing with you.

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These are permanent photographs that captivate, Where was a story will remember you again in the future. I have a very specific style and props that help me create the atmosphere that reminds you when you open the portrait anytime.

We should all have a permanent portrait of our beautiful moments at home, outdoors, or a special place, Which will remain indelible and represent the soul of the little ones.

The portrait sessions are ideal for boys and girls between the ages of 10-27 approximately. The truth is that we don’t need an excuse to have such a portrait of our little one. I think everyone would love to have a timeless portrait that would always light-up our gallery. But if you want a reason why it is ideal as a birthday gift, at the end of the school, college, university year, if you do not have communion but want something special, to give to your family or another special person, there are endless occasions.

Do not think that it is only for girls although most of the sessions are the protagonists, the children also look spectacular in these photos, those looks when they almost stop being children and adolescence begins. All boys and girls still dream in their fantasy world, of entering new worlds, of being princes, traveling the world, writing, sailing, discovering places, being captains of their lives. Ideally, you should book the session for a couple of months to have everything ready!

When you make the reservation I will send you a simple and practical guide where I explain how to prepare your little one for the session and what you need to bring. I will also give you options regarding costumes and props and together we will create unique images! In this type of session, I advise you to have the help of a Makeup & Hairdresser so that everything is perfect.

This is the big day where we will create those unique memories, This day is to be enjoyable, and the guide you will receive will help you feel comfortable and know what we are going to do at all times.

Many times you’ll ask me how long is the session? It depends on you how many photos you want to capture. We can spend more or less time, but my experience tells me that less is better than more.

We have to prevent this portrait session from getting tired and stop being participatory so time plays against us normally. It is also true that you may need a little time to gain confidence and give your best expression, so we are at your disposal, always ready to capture their best moments. If you do some extra makeup, we will need an extra half hour so reserve a couple of hours for the session to be calm.

I will prepare a gallery for you with the best images of your session, and in a very simple way, you can choose the photos that you like the most. The session is delivered digitally, in jpg/raw, and without a watermark after editing with a professional image editor. You will receive them comfortably in your mail through GoogleDrive for download in high resolution in about one week after the session. Photographs are not delivered without retouching, the editing is as important as the light, the shot, or the framing and it would be like delivering a half-sewn dress. And in these sessions even more so since part of the aesthetics is marked by the pictorial retouching that is carried out in post-production.

The printed part is the one that I like the most, as I enjoy turning the pages of an album or looking at the pictures that decorate a bookshelf or the head of a bedroom. There is everything albums, pictures, frames, and a great variety of products where your photos will look much more than on a computer.

I declare myself an absolute fan of photography that can be touched, that smells, even that ages and that is the beauty of photography. Whenever I look at photos I run away from the screens that, although very practical.

I love picking up albums on Sunday afternoons and sitting on the couch with hot chocolate flipping its pages and fondling those moments past and still so present. Most of my clients keep albums or prints and then when they send me a photo of their house with the photograph hanging and you don’t know how excited it is! Isn’t it the best way to decorate your home?

If you want we can create something for you together, I studied interior decoration for two years and it is still one of my passions, so I will gladly help you choose the photos that best suit your home, depending on the emotions you want to convey, the colors, light, decoration.

There are photographers specialized in animals, food, sports, and many other industries. Although I did travel photographs in several places with one of my closest landscape photographers. Currently, I do portrait photography in Comilla, and also in other cities, but since this is where I live, this is my main place of work.

We have a studio, but we can move to a location that you personally find interesting, to your home or to your place of work. And there are always more options like- family portraits, with your pet, with your group of friends, or your work team.

In our gallery, you will find different examples, but it is likely that you are directly interested in going to our Facebook page, Where you will find many cases in which we have taken profile photos with very positive and immediate results. You will be able to see comments from many of the people who have been photographed.

If you have decided to contact me so that we can prepare a portrait session in Comilla, Dhaka, Chittagong, or any places in Bangladesh then you can send an email through the contact page or send a message on WhatsApp/Messanger.

A portrait can have different frames, different options. They can be in black and white or color. But they have to go beyond capturing the image, they must retain the personality, one way or another.

Sometimes it looks okay. Another is the attitude, the smile, the body position, the expression, the moment, or the hair. There are many opportunities to capture the right moment and in many cases spending enough time is crucial until you get something that is better than just a normal photo.

But in most cases, a good portrait is difficult to explain. You simply see him and you recognize the person, in case you already know him, and if it is the first time you have in front of him, you pick up a suitable impression of him. But nevertheless, you could write a nuanced book about portraits. In fact, there are many.

In any case, I can say that the experience in front camera is a degree. Even you will be surprised to do that different expression in, particularly difficult situations.

Frequently Asked Questions​

I can help you with everything about Portrait Photography.

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everything you need to know before Booking my portrait session

Always and anywhere in the Bangladesh even it’s a travel photography where you need me!

Absolutely. I’m used to working with some friends who did their portrait photography for the first time, even those who have never done a shoot. At first, it is difficult to let go, but after twenty or thirty photos everything is much easier. The longer the shoot, the better the photos tend to be.

Of course. There is no problem in taking a photo session for individuals and you will have much more information after contact with me.

It is one of the common questions. It depends on you and how much time we have. The most common is between one hundred and two hundred sometimes it three hundred more. But it is very normal for there to be more. Then will be chosen the best photo very carefully. It is not only important to look good, But you have to think about the purpose of the photos.

Yes. In general, they are done in color, but we can process them in various ways so that they are in black and white, sepia, exaggerated colors, etc. There are many options so that the photo is not monotonous. In general, black and white photos highlight the importance of figure and elegance.

Yes and no. This is another of the most frequently asked questions. You should not bring anyone else because it is very likely that it will deconcentrate you and the result will be worse. But it is your choice. However, you should tell your parents, friends, or family where you are and what you are doing for your own confidence and safety. I’m a professional photographer with nothing to hide from my clients.

The fact that, so far, you have gone wrong in photos does not mean that you cannot be fantastic. The lenses of many cameras especially those of mobile phones tend to deform faces with the wrong photo size and the usual circumstances are hardly suitable to get the most out of it. A neat person, willing to do well in the photo, with the right light, the camera with the right optics, and a professional photographer is a set of factors that will achieve a good result.

Oh, good question. Basically, standard posed portraits, anonymous environmental portraits, and creative portrait photos are doing everybody. If you don’t know how to pose in the right way, don’t worry about it. I will figure it out.

There are lots of portrait photographers in the cities. As an experienced portrait photographer in the cities, I will always entertain you so that you can give your best expression. I will highly try to get the best background view of your photo according to the weather condition.