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Maternity Photography

Portray your Pregnancy with a Photo Session and thus be able to relive it whenever you want

From the first feelings of pregnancy and the first kicks to the first experiences with your baby. They are magical moments that should last forever, right?

We’re going to help you get there, with photos that capture the beauty of motherhood. Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a life full of new expectations. Your body undergoes many changes. Portraying this strong bond between a mother and her baby before it is born makes it a unique and priceless memory that you will want to keep forever.


THE EMOTION OF EXPECTATION, IN HARMONY WITH YOUR BODY AND WITH A SETTING TO MATCH: IF YOU ARE PREGNANT AND WANT TO REMEMBER FOREVER THE MAGIC OF THE MOMENT, YOU SHOULD NOT MISS OUR PHOTO SHOOTS. Pregnancy is a unique stage that deserves to be remembered for a lifetime and the best way to do it is with a photo session to be able to relive it and be able to share this magical moment with your baby one day.

Maternity sessions are tender, fun, and special, they can be outdoors or in the studio, it depends on what you like the most! And of course, the little brothers and pets are more than welcome, because this stage is also and will be very important in their life and I love to include them.

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Maternity Photography

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It is recommended to do the session between weeks 28 and 34 when the curve of the tummy is already evident and the mother is still not too uncomfortable and can move with some agility. But this is a totally personal decision that you must make. We can do the session until the day before giving birth. Some of my clients told me that, “The ideal time for this session is between weeks 25 and 30, it is when they feel better and more comfortable with their tummy”.

Ideally, you should contact me as soon as possible to be able to reserve a date and see what is the best moment for you, since each mom is different.

What does the photoshoot include?

These sessions last about an hour or two hours. If you choose to take the photos outdoors, these are usually taken at sunset, which is when there is better light (or at sunrise if you are brave and want to see the sunrise from the sea!). If you also contract the newborn session with us (Duo Session), you will have a very special price for both sessions.

Prior advice

With tips to develop the session to suit you. Costumes, location outdoors or studio, narrative ideas. Includes changes of clothes if you want, and photos both individually and as a couple and as a family. Once the reservation is made, I will send you a series of instructions and tips to take into account, including recommendations for clothes and things to bring.

Photo Shoot Session

We usually do the sessions between 25 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, when the tummy and the future mother are very comfortable. This session is usually done in combination with that of newborns. Basically, this type of session is like portrait sessions. If you need a breaktime during the session, No worries you can take a break to complete this session successfully.

You Will Receive

Once the photo session is done, you will receive a link to a gallery with the maternity photos already edited, where you can choose the favorites from the maternity session. Optionally, you can also purchase a high-quality album to have a physical memory that you can touch and show, or pictures to decorate the walls.

Why do a Maternity Photography Session?

Each pregnancy is unique and is experienced in a different way. That is why creating a memory to be able to relive it is so important. Also, if you want to add your family member in the frame, it is a good time to turn that session into a family session. What if we immortalize this sweet wait so that we can remember it whenever we want?

What is the Session about?

The pregnancy photo session can be in the studio or outdoors or in your house. If you are not sure which option to choose, I will explain the differences between one and the other.

The outdoor sessions provide us with a greater variety of results, more naturalness, being able to play with the environment and the sunset light, the most beautiful and ideal for this type of image. It is a good option for those shy people who find it difficult to be in front of a camera, or when they already have another child, turning the pregnancy session into a family session, or when they want to take photos of Whit dog.

The studio sessions allow us to have more intimate and artistic photography, playing with professional studio lights, backlights, lighter photographs of clothing, or even with nothing and covering up.

This is in your home, If you’re not comfortable or want to go anywhere then we can come to your house. A maternity session in your own place will be remarkable for you with your other family members and in the future, it will relive your past emotions, love, and dramatic history.

They are totally different styles, so it will depend a lot on your preferences and way of being.

If you dare to do a session, I recommend that you do not wait long to decide and book it in advance! If you want to book a pregnancy session, you just have to contact me by email, phone, or through social networks. It is better to book the session in advance as availability is limited, do not wait until the last minute!


Our maternity sessions are elegant and minimalist, focused on beauty, elegance, and emotion. Our approach is very feminine and with an editorial air of fashion and fine art. We want to make you feel beautiful in this unique moment in which you find yourself. As each pregnancy is different, no session is the same. Before the session, we will talk about the approach that we will take taking into account your personality and style. The photos can be with more or fewer clothes, as you feel more comfortable. The costumes are included in the session. Of course, in the session, we can also integrate your partner and little brothers if there are any. It is an important moment for everyone! Before the session, we will talk about the different possibilities and find the perfect session for you.

All images will be edited by a professional image editor so that it looks premium & making you look more radiant than ever.


When hiring the session we will give you access to a styling guide and some tips so that you can orient yourself. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and identified with your look. You can choose different looks, we will guide you in everything with our fantastic styling guide. We have specialized clothing, and also different fabrics with which we can make you a maternity dress in 1 minute! We also highly recommend that you prepare for the session (professional makeup and hairdressing) to get the most out of the session and that the maternity portrait photo is beautiful.

How many times have you wanted to go back to a past moment?

Pregnancy is one of those stages that you will want to remember at any time in life. The sweet wait, you and your baby, 2 hearts beating in the same body for 9 months. It seems magic, and you may never feel it again. Therefore, if you are pregnant, do not think about it, it is the perfect time to document this beautiful and unrepeatable stage of your life and do a Pregnancy Photo Session. I will love doing it for you because photography is the best way for these memories to always remain with us!

Album and Wood Prints


Frequently Asked Questions​

I can help you with everything about Pregnancy Photography.

create your Pregnancy Period Memorable

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Always and anywhere in Bangladesh where you need me!

Of course! Pregnancy sessions are sessions for the whole family, it is an event that affects everyone and it is precious to be able to capture the interaction of little or big siblings with their parents and with their tummy, so don’t hesitate to let me know that you have little brothers so that join the adventure.

Definitely. Pets are also part of the family, they are the furry siblings from which they are going to be born and it is very cute and fun to be able to include them in the pregnancy session, so do not hesitate to bring it, we will find an appropriate location where the animals are welcome.

If the weather is good, I usually recommend doing the pregnancy session outdoors. We can find a location together that you like, and if pets or small children come who can get overwhelmed more quickly in closed spaces, it is ideal. It also depends on the idea you have in your head, I adapt to your suggestions.

I do if needed. I will retouch some of your images to increase your natural beauty and make you look like different another person. I want you to be happy with your portraits so that I can take them into consideration.

Yeah. It will improve your face looking good and enhance your image quality. If you can I desperately recommend you to do at least minimal makeup and hairdressing.

It depends on the number of photos captured for you. Don’t worry we will give you an online gallery after the session’s day so that you can comment for the editing purpose from your perspective. For the full image gallery, you may have to wait a maximum of 1 month.

Ok. No worries give me all of these images. I will help you out to do some images for you like these.