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Everything You Need To Know About – What is personal branding?

There are different ways to approach this issue, but one of the simplest would be to start with the definition, personal branding is the conscious effort to create public influence by positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, raising your credibility, and differentiating yourself from your competition. To advance your career, increase your circle of influence and have a greater impact. So they say on In English, the concept is “personal branding” or “personal brand”, so the aforementioned website is just about this.

However, although that may be a formal definition, it is easier to assume that a personal brand is a way we want people to know us. As simple as that personal brand will be the appearance that we project towards clients, suppliers, and partners (real or potential).

Who wants a personal brand?

Your. Your sister, hairdresser, personal trainer, fishmonger, boss, cousins. Actually, projecting a good image is something we all want to do in one way or another. If we do it in a rather clumsy and senseless way, we are faced with the ubiquitous posturing of these years. We will talk about that later.

The important thing in personal branding is not achieving spectacular global fame. The important thing is that in our environment they know what we do, that we do it well, and that we are a reliable reference – and if it can be, the best reference they have – in our environment.

Photography and personal branding

Clearly, this had to come soon. The photos you show are an essential part of your personal brand. You may think that putting in a few landscapes and some free photos will help you. But try to think like your client and reflect on whether he or she would want to see a stock photo or would rather see real photos. And as we are, if the photos that you would like to tell your story are those that your boyfriend or your friend can take, who are not dedicated to photography, or would you prefer to have professional images and videos.

But why do I want a personal brand?

The benefits that a personal brand will provide us are several: they range from being more visible online to having a greater negotiation capacity when we seek partners and increasing our number of clients, creating more and better connections.

Each of the previous points is very important and can be summarized in a single sentence: increase our opportunities.

Mistakes to avoid

Everyone wants to convey an image, and many times that image is false or fake. Well, this would be an example of a badly managed personal brand.

The fact is, we want to get people to perceive us positively, but we don’t want it to look like we’re faking it. Yes, many people try to make their life seem better than it is, but we also all know how sad it is to say that you are in the Bahamas when you do not go beyond the Mar Menor.

So one of the main factors in communicating our personal brand is that it must convey authenticity. Everyone dedicates their efforts to posing, but if you do, make sure everything is perfect. If you’re going to say that you are on, I do not know, Everest, and behind you, you will be very ridiculous.

I have told more than 10 things about personal branding, but I think this gives a better perspective on the issue at hand, which may interest you enough to read more or take action on it.

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